A incomplete guide to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about adrenal adaptogens

Adaptogens, otherwise known as adaptogenic herbs, are a group of botanicals (including some mushrooms) that support the body’s ability to adapt to physical and emotional stress.* Sometimes, you might hear them called “adrenal adaptogens,” though that’s not the official name.

This blog post will explain the term “adrenal adaptogens,” as well as the role of your adrenal glands. Plus, we’ll introduce a couple of our favorite mushrooms that are well-known to possess adaptogenic qualities.*

What Are Your Adrenals?

Your adrenals are two triangular-shaped glands that sit atop your kidneys on either side of your lower back. They produce hormones, including your sex hormones and cortisol, that help your body regulate metabolism, immune health, blood pressure and your natural stress response.

Since your adrenals are in charge of managing stress, and the herbs and mushrooms that help you adapt to that stress are called adaptogens, sometimes the two words are put together.*  

What are “Adrenal Adaptogens”?

“Adrenal adaptogens” are adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that offer support to your adrenals and other body systems and structures during times of occasional stress.*(1)


  • promote a balanced response to physical or emotional stress.*
  • promote stamina, energy and endurance*
  • support mental concentration and focus*

“Adrenal adaptogens” also support your immune system and your endocrine system.* They can support your well-being and promote balance during times of occasional stress.* In addition, they help support healthy energy levels, on a daily basis and for athletes.*

The botanicals we now call adaptogenic herbs or adrenal adaptogens have been in use for hundreds of years in different herbal traditions. In India, Ayurvedic tradition includes Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Amla and Shilajit. In Russia, folk herbalists relied on Rhodiola and Rhaponticum. In China, traditional herbalism uses Schisandra, Asian Ginseng and two mushrooms we’ll discuss later: Reishi and Cordyceps.

Mushroom Revival offers Certified Organic double-extracted tinctures of the two most popular mushrooms that are adrenal adaptogens.* Try Reishi tincture for relaxation or Cordyceps militaris tincture for energy.* Or get them both in our Mush 10 powder and tincture, perfect for adding to smoothies, herbal tea and more.

For a more comprehensive list of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, check out this blog post!

Our 2 Favorite Mushrooms That Are Adrenal Adaptogens*

Now we’ll talk about two mushrooms that are also considered “adrenal adaptogens.”* Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) is one of the most revered herbs in traditional Chinese herbalism. Known as a sexual tonic in China, it is often used to support a healthy libido in older adults.*


Cordyceps also:

  • Enhances the body’s natural metabolic systems*
  • Supports cellular energy and endurance*
  • Supports lung capacity and oxygen uptake*
  • Supports our bodies with fighting daily stress*
  • Used to support athletic performance*

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is known as the mushroom of immortality, Ling zhi (spirit plant) and 10,000-year mushroom. Reishi is valued for its adaptogen properties and the support it offers for overall wellness, healthy sleep and immune health.* Reishi may help promote stamina and healthy energy levels, too!* (4,5)

Reishi also:

  • Strengthens deep core vitality*
  • Supports cardiovascular system health*
  • Supports relaxation*
  • Supports the body’s ability to adapt to stress*

We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about adrenal adaptogens — and Reishi and Cordyceps! Keep in mind that we sell Certified Organic tinctures made from each, and these mushrooms team up with eight others in our Mush 10 Powder and Tincture for Immunity and Health.*


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