Discover Why Chaga has Become Popular and What Chaga Mushroom is Good For

To answer the question, “What is chaga mushroom good for?” it is best to begin by acknowledging the resilience and strength of this mushroom to pay tribute to its power in the human body. In fact, calling chaga a mushroom is slightly misleading. In scientific terms, mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi. However, the conk that is used to make chaga supplements is actually the sclerotium—which is a mass of hyphal threads that provide a tough resting body for the fungi. Like most sclerotia, this architecture allows the fungi to remain dormant for long periods of time, allowing to it survive harsh conditions. Things that grow in extreme conditions tend to be really good for you, chaga being a great example. It can grow in temperatures reaching -50 degrees Fahrenheit in Siberia and Lapland! It’s no surprise chaga is commonly called “The King of Mushrooms.”

What is Chaga Mushroom Good For? Exceptional Antioxidant Properties

The average American does not consume enough antioxidants per day for optimal health. Even if we go so far as to consume a dozen servings of fruits and vegetables per day, chances are our RDA (recommended dietary allowance) of antioxidants aren’t met. This mainly has to do with quality over quantity. A cup of cucumbers and a banana versus a cup of blueberries differ greatly in their antioxidant properties. If you aren’t accounting for quality in your diet, you are prone to being under the RDA—especially since high antioxidant foods are less commonplace, more expensive, and often seasonal.

So, what is chaga mushroom good for? Boosting your antioxidant intake. Chaga is, in fact, the HIGHEST antioxidant source on the planet. A simple hot water extraction already offers triple the amount of antioxidants in açai berries, and double the amount of cocoa powder. Do a careful dual extraction, like we do here at Mushroom Revival, and you get twice the amount! According to Tero Isokauppila’s book Healing Mushrooms, hot water renders approximately 52,500 ORACs (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) per 100 grams—and dual extraction results in a whopping 113,000 ORACs (1).

Equip yourself with the awesome supportive power of antioxidants with Mushroom Revival’s dual-extracted, organically grown chaga here:

What is Chaga Mushroom Good For? Chaga as a Shield from Within

Want to know more about what chaga mushroom is good for? Chaga is incredible for skin. In addition to its unparalleled antioxidant properties, chaga is also the best source of melanin, which is responsible for overall skin health. The more melanin you have, the less sensitive your skin is to free radicals, solar radiation, sunburn, windburn, and toxins in the air. Chaga is also great for warding off the common cold, lowering inflammation, and combating cancer. It contains betulinic acid, which inhibits the production of the enzyme topoisomerase— a crucial enzyme in cancer cells for unwinding DNA strands for cell replication. (2) This acid has been tested in vitro in a variety of cancer cells, and is shown to be highly effective.

Enjoy the Goodness of Chaga Mushroom with Tincture from Mushroom Revival

Chaga makes a wonderful companion to our overall health. At Mushroom Revival, we recommend keeping a tincture bottle with you to take whenever you feel an air sickness, before, during and after traveling, or whenever you feel you haven’t been eating enough antioxidant-rich foods (which is probably more often than not!). Find a potent tincture here, and be ready to notice a difference in your overall health and resistance to our toxic world.

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