Trametes versicolor
Coriolus versicolor
Yun Zhi
There is a reason I used Martin Bridge’s painting of a Turkey Tail mushroom for the cover of my book! It’s a powerhouse medicine for the earth and for the body!

Winner winner turkey dinner!
Shake your turkey tail with some tincture or capsules! 100% fruit bodies, no mycelium on grain, no fillers, no fluff only the good stuff!

Main active compounds of this mushroom are: PSK, PSP, and other polysaccharide-protein complexes .
Studies have shown this mushroom supports against:
? cancer (stomach, colorectal, lung stages 1-3, oesophageal, nasopharyngeal, breast, cervical/uterine, leukemia, lymphoma, pancreatic, ovarian, melanoma, tumors)
?Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
? Liver disease and damage
? deficient immune system
? Candidiasis
? thrush
? influenza
? hepatitis B .
In Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Taste – Sweet and slightly bitter
Energy – slightly warm
Channels Entered- lung, liver, spleen, heart
Actions – Dispels damp, reduces Phlegm, nourishes the mind. And mush more! .
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products from Mushroom Revival are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose any disease or illness. .
It’s almost thanksgiving.
Time to put that turkey tail on the table!

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