If You Struggle with Hormonal Imbalance, Reishi Can Help

We’ve all been there — our hormones seem to go haywire and affect nearly every aspect of our lives. For some of us, this imbalance and chaotic activity continues after puberty. Although most common in people who menstruate or who are going through menopause, this imbalance can occur in just about anyone, at any point in their lives. If you struggle with hormonal imbalance, it’s worth trying reishi tincture.

Some common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are: irregular and/or painful periods, indigestion, mood swings, acne around the mouth, night sweats, hot flashes and inconsistent appetite patterns. So what do we do about it? It’s easy to reach for drugs, and sometimes they work to mask the immediate symptoms, like heavy painful periods and hormonal acne. But this dose of synthetic estrogen has its downside — it can make the systemic issue even worse, symptoms will often return should you come off your prescription, it’s hard on your liver, and it ultimately doesn’t solve the root problem.

There are a slew of natural products that offer effective support in balancing hormones. One of those natural remedies is reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lingzhi). This mushroom is deeply revered in Asia for its medicinal properties, and are so potent and well rounded that listing all the benefits would extend far beyond this page. Today, we will highlight the properties of reishi that relate to finally taking control of your hormones. Click below to shop products, and keep reading to learn about the properties of reishi!

Reishi Tincture Balances Hormonal Activity and Immune Function

Like all mushrooms, reishi is a powerful immunomodulator. This action, alongside its endocrine regulation, helps the body adapt to its surroundings. Stress and inflammation can cause our hormones to over or under respond, which results in those pesky symptoms. Reishi helps our systems adapt “on their feet.”

Study: Reishi Helps Endocrine System in Monkeys

Regulates Low Estrogen Levels

Reishi tincture was used in this study to test its effects on menopause. It expressed estrogen-like activity in vitro, and was concluded to be a potential treatment for hormonal regulation. Menopause or not, reishi tincture is a promising elixir to have flowing through your system to make up for low estrogen levels.

Study: Estrogen-Like Activity of Ethanol Extract of Ganoderma lucidum

Promotes Sleep and Relaxation

At Mushroom Revival, our liquid reishi extract is a best seller. Its main appeal is its ability to help our bodies decompress, fall asleep, and stay asleep. How is it doing this, you ask? By regulating hormones! Reishi tincture assists our parasympathetic nervous system to function (this is a node of our endocrine system that is essential to falling asleep). Not only is this hormonal regulation in action, but improving our sleep can radically help practically every other health concern in our lives.

Reishi also helps our bodies combat inflammation, toxicity, poor immune function, poor sleep, and more. And by mitigating these functions, our endocrine system will improve. This is whole system support and beyond, and reishi tinctures are a tried and true treatment.

So take it from us, if you struggle with hormonal acne, painful periods, stress or other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and you haven’t tried reishi — this may be the answer. Be sure you source your reishi tincture from a provider that makes all organic, duel-extracted, 100% fruiting body extracts so you are getting the most from your medicine. These are the values we hold at Mushroom Revival, and we can assure you that you won’t find a more potent tincture! Shop Now

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