“So far I’ve used the Lions Mane capsules, Cordyceps extract, Chaga extract, and have tried the Reishi extract. All great products, I’d say the taste of the Cordyceps extract is my favorite. I use your products because of the research and third-party testing done on to ensure potent and high-quality consumables. That’s why I used your products as Christmas gifts for close family. And that BOGO sale you had right before Christmas was clutch!” 

Cody Kerr

I started using cordyceps to boost my cardio workouts and it has taken me to the next level! I can push myself way harder and feel more burn than ever before. This stuff is 100% mind blowing. 

Jesse Parker

“I’ve taken many supplements over the years, and, for the most part, my commitment to them has been one of faith. They’re supposed to be good for you, so I took them. But taking Mushroom Revival’s Cordyceps Militaris was an altogether different experience. With these I felt a palpable increase in energy, mood and vitality. They are now part of my daily regime and have virtually mitigated every nasty bit of jet-lag I get whenever I fly to Europe for work. If you want to become bonk-proof, grab yourself some Cordyceps!” 

Josh Summers

“I met Alex & Maddie at the New Moon Mycology retreat over the summer & have been exclusively using Mushroom Revival products since. I take the mush7 tincture daily & have been taking an extra dose of reishi & codyceps to boost immunity & energy over the winter. I’ve noticed a steadiness in my energy & productivity throughout the day, haven’t been sick in over 6 months, and most incredibly my allergy to dogs & cats is completely gone. I attribute most of these health benefits to the mushroom medicines! So much so, I’ve gotten 2 of my best friends, my cousin, mom, dad, brother & his girlfriend taking tinctures from Mushroom Revival daily! The customer experience with Mushroom Revival is also so lovely. Fast shipping and a package stocked with info cards about the medicinal benefits of each mushroom, awesome stickers that I flaunt on my laptop, AND a tree planting for each item sold. I feel proud to be in the Mushroom a Revival community, spreading health for people & the planet. All for the mush love!❤️?”  

Alexandra Cimino

I am a collegiate swimmer with a very busy schedule. I started using the cordyceps tincture a few month ago, and within three days of taking the tincture I noticed a huge difference in my lung capacity. I could hold my breath with ease and for longer intervals, and was able to pay better attention in my classes. I recommend this product for any active person with a busy lifestyle! 

Caroline Bissaillon

“All I know is: I added Cordyceps tincture to my regular coffee and now I’m switching to decaf and cordys ? “

Jessica LeClear

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