In todays show, we are joined by the wise and wonderful Omar Thomas. He has extensive experience with psychedelic healing and is dedicated to introducing this therapy equitably and responsibly in Jamaica. As a retired US army veteran, African Panamanian-Jamaican, and unique origins, Omar’s navigation in life has brought him to do the important work he does today. With a focus on empowering and healing African diaspora (people who are dispersed from their original homeland), his organization offers mushroom ceremonies, affordable education on self sustaining practices, and so much more. Omar shares his experiences and realizations from his deep work with mushrooms and mindfulness, and eloquently describes what it means to Be Here Now. He also speaks about being an African diaspora and offers wise words for reconnecting and healing to fellow diaspora.


Omar is the founder of Diaspora Psychedelic Society.

His heritage of Jamaican and Panamanian ancestry led him to search for non-traditional answers to his own PTSD and trauma issues in the early 90s. His search eventually took him to Mexico where he underwent 30 days of fasting, isolation, and intensive sacred mushroom work under curandero guidance. Now with over 20 years of mushroom experience he is returning to Jamaica to collaborate with a variety of organizations on projects that promote responsible, sacred medicine use and equitable access to plant-based therapies for all. 

Through Diaspora Ministries, Omar offers private coaching, sacred medicine guidance, and integration services that focus on the daily practical application of the psychedelic experience, mindfulness, and overcoming generational trauma as it applies to members of the African diaspora of Caribbean, Latino, and African American descent.

Show notes:

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