Myco-materials with Gavin McIntyre of Ecovative – Episode 14 – Mushroom Revival Podcast.
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A podcast devoted to the wild and wacky world of Mushrooms!
Episode FOURTEEN is a special interview with Gavin McIntyre. This is a great episode if you want to learn about Myco-materials, leather alternatives, faux meat industry, and how we are going to save the planet with fungi!

Gavin McIntyre is the co-founder and Director of Business Development of Ecovative Design. He co-invented Ecovative’s patented technology that uses a fungal mycelium to transform agricultural byproducts into strong biological composite materials. Gavin received a dual B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has a number of utility patents to his name. Gavin originally led material and biological process development during the early period of company’s beginning in 2007— all in efforts to replace synthetic/problematic materials. He currently oversees technology licensing to extend the reach of Ecovative’s MycoComposite platforms globally, while fostering partnerships for the company’s new technologies. .

Double Extraction Mushroom TinctureMushroom Revival is an Organic medicinal mushroom company based in South Deerfield Massachusetts. We help people gain more energy, a better nights sleep, a clearer mind and a bullet proof immune system. We plant one tree for every product we sell, revitalizing health inside and out with organic medicinal mushrooms. We are the biggest producer of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms in the western world and the only certified organic producer in this half of the globe.
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