MESHIMA Phellinus Linteus CAPSULES

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Meshima – Phellinus linteus

Vegan | Gluten-Free | Non-GMO

“Women’s Island”

100% fruit-bodies, no mycelium on grain. No fluff, only the good stuff. Third-party lab tested for heavy metals, biological contaminants, beta-glucan analysis and more! Results were 15.5% Beta-glucan analysis and 1.2% Alpha Glucan. 8:1 concentrated extraction. Hot water extracted.

Suggested Use: 1-3 capsules per day

90 Capsules – $49.96

In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Taste – Slightly Bitter

Energy – Cold

Channels Entered – Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine

Actions – Clears Damp Heat and Stomach Fire, Resolves Phlegm, Invigorates Blood, Stops Bleeding, and Relieves Pain

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Women's Island

Who run the world? Girls! Meshima means “Women’s Island” in Japanese. This mushroom is known for growing on mulberry trees on an island off Japan of the same name. It is a go-to mushroom for women’s health, including healthy breast tissue. Known as a “miracle medicine,” Paul Stamets reports that it has the greatest macrophage activation of 7 species surveyed.

Studies have shown this mushrooms supports against: Unhealthy Breast Tissue, Cancer (Breast, Prostate, Hepatocellular, Bone Metastasis, Lung Metastasis, Tumors, Lung, Bladder), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergies, Inflammation, Infertility, Diabetes, HIV, Angina, Leucorrhoea, and Diarrhea. Its main active compounds are polysaccharide and proteoglycan compounds, along with a number of flavonoid-like polyphenol pigments.

We have this Queen helping mushroom in capsule form, with tincture coming very soon!

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