Pillow Talk – Cordyceps Health Benefits in Bed

Cordyceps health benefits are far-reaching and numerous. Cordyceps is a powerful aphrodisiac and adaptogenic mushroom that helps your adrenal system combat stress and fatigue, increase your energy and put you in the mood. That’s why Cordyceps is an essential ingredient in our herbal aphrodisiac tincture. In this blog, we’ll explore what makes Cordyceps such a powerful sexual tonic.

Cordyceps’ Sexy Origin Story

Native to the Himalayan mountains and revered as one of the most treasured treatments in parts of Nepal, Cordyceps mushrooms are a long-known and dearly held tonic medicine of the Mykot tribe known to support a healthy libido, energy, and stamina. 

As the story goes, when spring arrived in the high mountains, the people of the Mykot tribe would take their yak herds to graze at higher elevation. The yaks fed on the fresh spring grass and searched for the cordyceps sinensis mushroom. Then in a frenzy, they would begin rutting. The herdsmen observed the yaks in their energized sexual frenzy and wondered what gave the animals their vitality. How were the animals so vigorous despite the high elevation? Upon closer examination, the herdsmen discovered that the animals were eating an unusual mushroom, one that grew from the body of dead caterpillars. Brave herdsmen experimented with eating the mushroom and found it to be extremely beneficial. From then on it became a desired foraged medicine, worth its weight in gold, that provided increased energy and less illness.

Cordyceps as a Sexual Tonic and Aphrodisiac

Cordyceps sinensis has a long history of use in China as a sexual tonic and has been known and used as an aphrodisiac for almost two thousand years. Cordyceps health benefits include alleviating impotence and erectile dysfunction. These points have also been shown to be true in clinical trials, however, the mechanism is largely unknown.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that Cordyceps works by boosting the jing, which is believed to produce life and allow the organs to thrive. It is said that disharmonies in the jing manifest in abnormal physical maturation, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, reproductive difficulties, and congenital defects. Traditionally, cordyceps health benefits are accessed by simmering the magical mushroom with other herbal medicines or cooked with meats, like chicken or duck.

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Cordyceps Health Benefits on Erectile Dysfunction, Stamina, and Infertility

Erectile dysfunction is a persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to complete sexual activity. It is estimated that 10 – 20

million men may have erectile dysfunction. In men who are over fifty years old, more than 50% of cases of erectile disorder can be directly attributed to the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels, including in the penis. Other direct correlations include diabetes, blood vessel disorders, liver dysfunction, and depression. (3)

Exciting research on cordyceps sinensis demonstrate an increase in libido. The mechanism appears to be linked to its ability to induce sex hormone-like responses in clinical patients. 

In 1995, laboratory research in Japan demonstrated that Cordyceps mycelium extracts inhibit muscle contractions of the double chamber inside the penis called the corpus cavernosum, which consists of arteries, veins, and muscle tissue. This allowed for better blood circulation to the penis and in turn, erections. 

Cordyceps acts on the libido over a period of weeks or months and can be classified as a sexual restorative. Many studies have been conducted about the positive Cordyceps health benefits on erectile dysfunction. In one Chinese study, where 286 impotent men were given one gram of Cordyceps three times a day for 40 days, 183 patients reported some improvement in sexual functioning. At the end of the study, half the men reported that their sex lives had been partially or fully restored. 

Studies demonstrate that Cordyceps helps boost the body’s ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, providing you with more energy and enhancing stamina for those late nights. It is well known as a lung tonic and can support an increased capacity and oxygen production to increase your athletic and sexual performance.

Cordyceps in Mushroom Revival Products

Cordyceps can be an ally to help keep up the energy and enthusiasm with your special someone. That’s why we include our Western Mass grown cordyceps in our blend of aphrodisiac herbal supplements! Our certified organic Cordyceps are grown and processed with love on our farm in South Deerfield, MA, USA. We use 100% fruiting bodies — no mycelium grown on grain in our medicine. You can access cordyceps health benefits in our most of our blends and as a tasty Cordyceps simple tincture.


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