Level Up Your Nootropics By Combining Lion’s Mane Extract With the Unique Activations of CBD

Nootropics are a hot topic among go-getters. Anyone well versed in the market knows that Hericium erinaceus, aka lion’s mane, is quite popular due to its incomparable ability to repair the myelin sheath surrounding our neurons. Lion’s mane extract has made its way into the hands of many nootropic advocates, and here’s why CBD should be added.

Mechanisms of Lion’s Mane Extract

Normally nootropics are understood as a stimulant to synaptic firing. These common nootropics modulate various neurotransmitters, largely by way of increased blood flow in the brain. The majority of nootropics on the market have this effect. Lion’s mane extract has a different mechanism, that works on a much deeper level for improving brain function. (1)

The active constituents (erinacines and hericenones) from lion’s mane encourage growth of branching axons, and in short more axons equals more rapid cognition. This is comparable to nerve growth factor (NGF) which means neurons grow and regenerate. NGF is a neurotrophin, an essential protein for neuronal upkeep and is primary compound for neuroplasticity and overall brain health. 

Additionally, lion’s mane promotes myelination, the insulator that encapsulates our neurons. This mushroom established neuronal infrastructure.

Check out some fun ways to take your lion’s mane with these lion’s mane cocktail recipes!

Mechanisms of CBD

Cannabidiol (CDB) also has a unique mode of action on our brains as a nootropic. Nootropics on the market act in the direction of our neurotransmitters, meaning the action is from the sending neuron to the receiving neuron. CBD’s effects act in reverse, the opposite direction of synaptic firing. To quote a nootropics expert, “Endocannabinoids in the synapse temporarily reduce the amount of neurotransmitter released from the sending neuron. Meaning the receiving neuron exerts control over the amount of neurotransmitter that it receives.” (2)

What’s the outcome of this? In short, CBD can potentially be used to treat neurodegenerative problems, its acts as a neuroprotectant, increases levels of anandamide which helps alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. Endocannabinoid systems excite naturally in our bodies, and CBD is like a lock and key when it’s introduced. The overall function of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain balance in the nervous system.

Add CBD to Your Lion’s Mane Extract for a Seriously Functional Nootropic Supplement

Productive people are all about stacking functions when you can. Stack your nootropics by adding CBD (and of course, lion’s mane extract if you haven’t already) to your daily doses. Be sure to source your supplements carefully. For lion’s mane, look for certified organic, whole fruiting bodies that have been duel-extracted. We make a lion’s mane extract with all of these properties, with added cinnamon tincture as a driver.

As for CBD, look for broad or full spectrum CBD from tried and true suppliers. Organic is much more rare and expensive, but if you have the means, we certainly recommend! 

Start with the suggested doses of your supplements and slowly increase by the day until you notice effects.

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