Learn How Lion’s Mane Effects Can Work for You

Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is a beautiful, whitish, furry-looking mushroom found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Today, this mushroom is known as a medicine for the brain, as studies show its ability to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF). Lion’s Mane has begun to get a lot of attention, but some of its effects are less well known than others. Keep reading to learn about the full spectrum of Lion’s Mane effects!

What Does NGF Mean for Lion’s Mane Effects?

NGF is involved in maintaining and organizing the function of neurons in the central nervous system, which promotes long-term health in our body. Early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have both been linked to low levels of NGF in the brain. With these diseases having no known cure, Lion’s Mane shines as a promising tool for maintaining brain health. 

In today’s world, we tend to have a reductionistic lens. Resisting this temptation, we find that Lion’s Mane has impressive therapeutic benefits for the rest of the body too. Let’s take a closer look.

Lion’s Mane Effects Beyond the Brain

Lion’s Mane effects have long been recognized to benefit far more than the brain alone. In traditional Chinese medicine, this mushroom has been used for stomach disorders, ulcers, and gastrointestinal issues. Native Americans would often carry powdered Lion’s Mane in their medicine bags and use the mushroom on cuts, scratches and wounds to stop the bleeding.

Lion’s Mane has also traditionally been used in cooking. Modernly it can be found on menus of gourmet restaurants in or as a substitute for seafood dishes as a good source of fiber and protein. Lion’s Mane is rich with macro- and micro-nutrients, including magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Check out this blog for some tasty Lion’s Mane recipes, and enjoy Lion’s Mane effects deliciously! To incorporate even more medicinal mushrooms into the diet, check out our Mush 10 powder, which goes great in recipes and drinks.

A Powerful Antioxidant for Whole Body Health

Lion’s Mane is rich in antioxidants, which protect and repair the body from free radical damage and oxidative stress. No one is spared when it comes to oxidative stress; it is a byproduct of living and aging. We can reduce or increase the effects of oxidative stress through our daily choices and environments. Choosing fresh fruits and vegetables over fried or sugary foods can reduce your exposure to free radicals and prevent unnecessary oxidation, and even repair some damage.

Studies demonstrate that through its antioxidant activity, Lion’s Mane extracts are able to support the liver by lowering blood sugar levels, increasing insulin levels, and overall strengthening the organ against disease. Getting a daily dose of Lion’s Mane, as a food or an extract, can increase your intake of antioxidants and get you on the pathway to health and wellbeing.

Lion’s Mane for Anxiety and Nervous Tension

Lion’s Mane has some impressive abilities when it comes to supporting one’s mental health and reducing symptoms of anxiety and nervous tension. As a tonic for the nervous system, Lion’s Mane promotes the health and healing of our actual nerves. 

You know that common saying, “I’m fried” or “My nerves are fried.” Well, that can seriously happen to the ends of our nerves—especially in the peripheral nervous system (PNS), the vast web of neural tissue that extends past the brain and spinal cord. Nerve tonics such as Lion’s Mane help protect and heal those fried nerves, helping to promote more calm and ease, and reducing agitation and tension.*

If you’re curious about how else Lion’s Mane effects could improve your life, check out our Lion’s Mane blend. Lion’s Mane is also an ingredient in our Manifest, Mycelial Brain, and Mush 10 tinctures. To learn more about the health benefits of Lion’s Mane, visit our blog post!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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