Wondering How Much Cordyceps to Take Daily?

Cordyceps militaris mushrooms have earned credible acknowledgement as a powerhouse supplement for many of us modern folks. It has gained this reputation due to its ability to increase energy, lung capacity, fertility, and support the kidneys – just to name a few of its shining qualities. Similar to most herbal medicine, knowing how much cordyceps to take daily can be tricky. Cordyceps taken daily for at least 2 weeks results in a noticeable reported impact on health for most. Oftentimes, effects of herbal medicine are noticeable prior to the two week mark, and with cordyceps in particular, there are many who feel the energetic benefits after the first dose!

Treat Yourself the Right Way

Despite a person’s unique reason for incorporating cordyceps into their diets, the serving will be mostly unchanging. If your intention is to support a constant ailment, such as fatigue, it is most beneficial to consume the mushroom daily, at around the same time of day. Cordyceps are also a great “take-as-you-need” natural supplement. On the farm here at Mushroom Revival, we do just that! We brew cordyceps tea on demanding days to give us a needed extra boost.

How much cordyceps to take daily is contingent on the form of product you are consuming. Most commonly, you will find cordyceps in capsule form, as a tincture, or as whole, dried mushrooms. It can be taken with or without food, at any time of day.

How Much Cordyceps to Take Daily: Cordyceps Capsules

Most supplements you buy will have a recommended serving size found on the container. These are trustworthy suggestions, and we would advise following them! It is noteworthy (and slightly comforting!) to remember that when dealing with most (but not all) natural remedies, safe consumption ranges often have high upper limits. This translates to your ability to generously increase consumption of cordyceps capsules without the same adverse effects that are associated with synthetic pharmaceuticals. Remember to do your own research on the herb or mushroom you are interested in to be aware of generally recommended safe dosing suggestions. Also, be sure to take your supplements around the same time each day to keep those beneficial compounds in your system as consistently as possible.


How Much Cordyceps to Take Daily: Cordyceps Tincture

Tinctures are a better route for those of us who want minimal preparation. The extraction is already done for you, and it is conveniently bottled with a dropper so you can take it anytime, anywhere.

At Mushroom Revival, we double extract all of our mushrooms to give you the most potent medicine we know how to make! We now know from modern research and traditional preparation methods that mushrooms contain both water soluble and alcohol soluble compounds. This means that some active constituents are only reached via a boiled water bath and some are only accessed by breaking down tough cellular structures via an alcohol soak. Here in our lab, each mushroom extract is put through a process of first a 95% organic alcohol immersion followed by a water decoction. The two are then blended together to result in a doubly extracted tincture that contains 35% alcohol in the final product.

So how much cordyceps to take daily in tincture form? The recommended serving of our tincture is 1-3 dropper fulls, 1-2 times per day. Start with less, and increase as you feel called.

How Much Cordyceps to Take Daily: Dried Cordyceps

If tea is your preferred medium for getting those vital compounds, we recommend 0.5 gram of 100% fruiting bodies per day. This amount will brew a potent 12 oz cup of tea, but you may be flexible with the volume of water and increase if desired. The trick to getting a quality, medicinal mushroom tea is proper brewing.

We sent our mushrooms grown at Mushroom Revival to Bastyr University to study which water extraction method is ideal for the highest levels of the almighty cordycepin – one of the active compounds in Cordyceps militaris mushrooms. Studies showed that it is best to brew the dried mushrooms for 15 minutes, covered. Longer steep times degraded the compounds and shorter times did not extract nearly as many. As a bonus, you can toss the rehydrated mushrooms into your cooking as you would with any other culinary mushroom!

For a Revival in Health, Choose Mushroom Revival

The takeaway is that with cordyceps supplements, your involvement can be flexible. Feel free to experiment within that spectrum of minimum recommended doses, and increase as you want. Start feeling great today! You can buy dried mushrooms for tea or dual-extracted tinctures from Mushroom Revival by clicking the buttons below. We practice organic farming and processing for all of our products, and are constantly adjusting our methods according to research to deliver the best quality product we can. Join the revival and charge up your life with our favorite, Cordyceps militaris.

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