Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms in California with William Goss and Ryan Munevar
Episode 47
In this episode we will interview key members of Decriminalize California, to talk about their campaign to decriminalize magic mushrooms in the entire state of California. We talk about the laws, what does decriminalizing mushrooms actually mean, what people can and cannot do if this passes, and so much more.

William Goss is a mycophile residing in California. He has extensive experience in the plant and mushroom world and worked for one of the largest gourmet mushroom producers in the country. He served as the production team leader at Mycoworks and is now committing his time to supporting Decriminalize California. He also just got a job as the chief technology officer for myco-systemics, leaders in mushroom cultivation technology and infrastructure. 

Ryan Munevar co-founded Monterey County NORML(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) in 2013 to begin turning on the county and local cities with open source draft initiatives. Later, in 2015, he co-founded began winning local permits across the state.Ryan set up Decriminalize California to make sure that psychedelic mushroom lovers wouldn’t need to go through the same nightmare the cannabis industry is going through right now with permitting, hyper overregulation, and sin taxing at every step of the way.
Mushroom Revival is an Organic medicinal mushroom company based in South Deerfield Massachusetts. We are mushrooming the culture around mushrooms. We want to revive the way people view mushrooms as medicine for people and the planet. We help people gain more energy, a better nights sleep, a clearer mind and a bullet proof immune system. We also plant one tree for every product we sell, revitalizing health inside and out. 

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