Learn How to Make the Most Potent Cordyceps Tea Based on Research

For the past couple years, Mushroom Revival has been partnering with Bastyr University to test our cordyceps. Our goal was to discover the best way to extract our cordyceps in order to get the most potent medicine. Keep reading to learn about our data on the best ways to make the strongest cordyceps tea and tincture.

With its origins in China, Cordyceps militaris is a super food that has recently started flooding the western world with force. Athletes love it, as do people who want to spice up their love life, and people who need some extra adrenal protection. From increasing energy and lung capacity, to aiding in fertility, having cordyceps in the body is a great way to increase overall health and vitality, as well as prevent fatigue and the negative effects of aging. At Mushroom Revival, we use 100% fruiting bodies in our products — and dried cordyceps play an integral role in the process of creating our healing and revitalizing medicines.

Below, you can buy some of the best Cordyceps militaris mushrooms, grown in the USA, certified organic, 100% fruiting bodies, made with love and packaged in compostable packaging!

The Science of Brewing Cordyceps Tea

So you’ve got your mushrooms, now how to use them to their full potential?

Our friend at Bastyr University, Reishi Strauss, has been conducting tests with our cordyceps and has found some really exciting results that have been consistent over the last two years of study; testing fresh versus dried, water temperature and brew time. The studies have concluded that it is best to brew the dried mushrooms for 15 minutes, covered. Longer steep times degraded the compounds and shorter times did not extract nearly enough.

If tea is your preferred medium for getting those vital compounds, we recommend 0.5 gram of 100% fruiting bodies per day. This amount will brew a potent 12 oz cup of tea, but you may be flexible with the volume of water and increase if desired. The trick to getting a quality, medicinal mushroom tea is proper brewing.

Enhance Your Tea with Tincture

Another option for getting all the benefits and making a superpower cordyceps tea is to add in some drops of cordyceps tincture. Our mushrooms have also been tested at Bastyr for optimal alcohol extraction methods. In short, the results showed that tincturing cordyceps with 60% alcohol was the most potent. Since we got the data, we changed our methods and noticed a potency difference right away! With tincture, you get more compounds out of the mushroom. Our ready-to-consume tinctures have been combined with a concentrated decoction (which is a fancy word for strong tea) for full spectrum benefits.

Whether your prefer cordyceps tea or tincture, both are great ways of extracting your cordyceps to get the most out of them, so long as you extract them with the research in mind!

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