Take Cordyceps Supplement Daily for Increased Energy and Vitality

Cordyceps mushrooms have been getting more attention here in the Western World in recent years. This makes complete sense because cordyceps supplement can support natural energy, immune function, and oxygen intake. This curious mushroom often receives a lot of oohs and aahs when people learn that, in nature, it is found growing out of the body of different insects. One of the questions we often get about our Mushroom Revival Cordyceps is if we grow the mushroom on insects. 

Short answer: no, we don’t cultivate our Cordyceps mushroom on insects. We cultivate it on organic, vegan substrate.

A Unique Genus of Mushroom: Cordyceps in the Wild

Cordyceps is a striking orange mushroom that snakes upwards from under the brush of leaves or moss. Beneath the ground, cordyceps fruits out of the body of an insect. Cordyceps colonizes an insect’s body, slowing taking over their nervous system and spreading its mycelium throughout their insides until one fateful day when it is ready to fruit its mushroom and spread spores out to other unassuming insects. Curiously it seems that certain species of cordyceps are specialized to infect certain species of insects. 

Cordyceps has been utilized for over 1,000 years in China, where it is a national treasure and a sacred health tonic. Ancient stories tell of a strange mushroom that grows in the Himalayan Mountains which provided local mountain people’s animals with excessive energy and sexual vigor. Curious about what was making their animals so vivacious, people discovered the mysterious cordyceps mushroom. 

There are over 680 documented Cordyceps species. In Asia, the primary species of cordyceps used medicinally is Cordyceps sinensis. In North American, a common species of cordyceps is Cordyceps militaris, and that is the one that we cultivate here at Mushroom Revival. 

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Cordyceps Supplement and Fatigue 

Cordyceps supplement has been traditionally used by Chinese athletes to increase vitality and energy. In the 1993 National Games in Beijing, China, a whole string of record-breaking athletes pointed to their daily supplementation of cordyceps mushroom, along with a rigorous training schedule and passionate dedication, for their extraordinary achievements.

Fatigue is commonly experienced by many people today, and there are many reasons why. Malnutrition, physical depletion, mental or spiritual exhaustion, and symptomatology of chronic ailments are now being explored by physicians and scientists. Chronic fatigue syndrome has become a recognized disorder, characterized by signs of chronic fatigue for more than six months, feeling tired, not by reason of overexertion, finding no relief in resting, and other symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, unrefreshed sleep, inability to concentrate and issues with memory retention.

Physicians and scientists are exploring the use of cordyceps supplement to treat acute and chronic fatigue. The results are encouraging. Research finds that cordyceps improves the function of the adrenal cortex and strengthens the resiliency and integrity of the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis. Cordyceps may support and calm the HPA and the nervous system. (1)

Cordyceps shows a remarkable ability to increase athletic performance, which may help people experiencing chronic fatigue. Studies show that subjects who take a cordyceps supplement had an increase in oxygen intake. More oxygen equals more energy for the body’s cellular activity.

A paper published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms found that a polysaccharide found in Cordyceps militaris has an anti-fatigue effect on mice. When subjected to a forced swim test, the mice who had been drinking cordyceps extracted water for 28 days could significantly prolong the exhaustive swimming time.  (2)

A Natural Option for Energy

Cordyceps mushrooms contain a wide range of nutritionally important components including various types of essential amino acids, vitamins like B1, B2, B12 and K, different kinds of carbohydrates, such as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and various medicinally important polysaccharides, proteins, sterols, nucleosides, and other trace elements. (4)

Cordyceps is rich in a compound called cordycepin, which researchers are exploring for its many medicinal properties. Cordycepin is chemically similar to the molecule adenosine that modulates many physiological processes including metabolism, heart function and synthesis of RNA. Because Cordycepin is an adenosine analog, it’s like getting free energy! The body recognizes cordycepin in the same way it recognizes adenosine.

Mushroom Revival’s Cordyceps Supplement: Grown With Love in South Deerfield, MA

We grow our cordyceps with state of the art techniques backed by decades of research. From spore to finished product we take pride in making the best cordyceps supplement on the market.

Check out our Cordyceps militaris tincture, made 100% from organic fruiting bodies, grown with love right here in the USA!



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