Learn All About Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Benefits

With all the beneficial effects of Cordyceps militaris, our organic 100% fruiting body cordyceps tincture makes the perfect gift any time of year. What better gift could you give family and loved ones than happiness and well-being? Read on to discover how cordyceps mushroom extract benefits your mind and body.

No matter what you may celebrate, this time of year is often marked by indulgences. We may believe in “moderation in all things,” but sometimes an extra serving of turkey or glass of wine are just unavoidable when celebrating with family and friends. Luckily, we have cordyceps to help us offset some of the excesses of these holiday treats. Preliminary studies suggest that cordyceps can help to balance cholesterol, decreasing “bad” cholesterol while raising “good.” (1) Additionally, cordyceps has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels in diabetic mice. (2) Still other studies suggest many benefits to liver and kidney health, including repairing alcohol-induced liver damage. (3) 

Give Your Friends And Loved Ones The Energy And Focus To Stick With Resolutions

Following holiday jubilations, many of us set goals with a vision of bettering ourselves in the following year. All too often, though, we find it difficult to keep up with our resolutions. The dreary weather, short days and frigid temperatures can all contribute to feelings of malaise, bringing us down and making it hard to actually go to the gym three nights a week, like we promised ourselves we would. But with the help of cordyceps, we may have a fighting chance! Cordyceps have been shown to help fight fatigue, increase energy, and improve athletic performance. (4) (5) World-record breaking Chinese athletes have attributed success partly to supplementing training with cordyceps. If cordyceps mushroom extract benefits are good enough for Olympians, they should be enough to light a fire in anyone! 

Fun Fact: Perhaps you know someone who would like to learn a second language. Mice given Cordyceps militaris peptides were shown to have remarkably increased memory and learning capacity. (6)

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Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Benefits: Mood Enhancement For The Grinch In Your Life

The holidays can bring a lot of stress. The overplayed music, rampant commercialism, or dread of a tense family dinner can be a lot to handle. Cordycepin given to mice exhibited a clear antidepressant effect with rapid effects (7). Neuroprotective properties of cordyceps are thought to further contribute to a better mood.

Share Better Health In The Coming Year

Cordyceps militaris is a fascinating fungus with a long history of traditional use. We are only just beginning to explore its serious potential in the West. Many preliminary studies show a wide range of promising possibilities, from strong antioxidant and anti-aging properties to anti-malarial, -viral, -bacterial, and -fungal effects (8). Studies on human cancer cells have shown cordyceps to have anti-tumor effects and block metastasis (9). It seems highly likely that incorporating cordyceps mushroom extract benefits into your life can give a significant boost to all-around health. With all of these benefits, our 100% organic Cordyceps fruiting body tincture is a perfect gift for anyone in your life!

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