Get your Olympic Athlete on! We have dried mushrooms, tinctures, and capsules available in the shop. 100% fruit-bodies, no fillers, no mycelium on grain.

This is the mushroom we focus on growing here at Mushroom Revival. We are one of the only commercial growers in the country right now in the process of getting Certified USDA Organic.

Main active compounds of this Mushroom are: cordycepin, 3-deoxyadenosine, ergosterol, beta sitosterol, adenosine, adenine, D-mannitol, immune-modulating polysaccharides, nucleoside derivatives and more! .

Studies have shown this mushroom supports against:

? aging
? fatigue/lethargy
? lung problems (asthma, shortness of breath)
? cardiovascular problems (arrhythmia)
? infertility (both male and female)
? diabetes (triggers release of insulin, increases hepatic glucokinase, increases sensitivity of cells to insulin)
? poor athletic performance
? hepatic fibrosis
? alcohol-induced liver steatosis
? poor liver function
? poor kidney function
? respiratory disease
? viruses
?Hepatitis B
? parasites including Lyme and coinfections
?cancer (oral, colorectal, bladder, leukemia, melanoma, multiple myeloma, breast, prostate, liver)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Taste – sweet
Energy – slightly warm
Channels entered – lung and kidney
Actions – tonifies kidney – Yang and Lung – Yin. Augments the Essence. Transforms phlegm and stops a cough. Strengthens Qi and replenishes Jing. Strengthens the mind and body. Both Yin nourishing and yang invigorating.


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