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The Best Way to Take Medicinal Mushrooms

Why Fungal Medicine is Good for You, Plus the Best Way to Take Medicinal Mushrooms Within the world of natural medicine, mushrooms are often overlooked. Like most herbs and plants, mushrooms have powerful properties beneficial to human health. Almost every edible...

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Lion’s Mane Medicinal Properties: A Fungal Nootropic

Lion’s Mane Medicinal Properties Are One of A Kind Lion’s mane, or hericium erinaceus, is a highly researched medicinal mushroom. It is most reputable for its effective ability to support and protect cognitive functions. Distinctive both in its physical properties and...

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Mushrooms for Energy: Fuel Your Mind and Body

The Many Ways We Can Use Mushrooms for Energy Many mushrooms support our energy, and each one that can does so in an individual way. Our bodies are like clockwork, and they perform best when all the gears are being supported. Whichever moving part isn’t operating...

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The Weird and Wonderful Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom

Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom: The Puppet Master The entire fungal kingdom can seem strange, largely due to how little we know about it. Within the kingdom, the reward for strangest of all would definitely have to go to the cordyceps genus. Like something out of...

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Maitake Frondosa Mushroom as Food and Medicine

What Maitake Frondosa Mushroom Can Do For You Maitake frondosa mushroom has a special place in mycophagy (Greek: myco=fungi phagy=eating), especially in the east. Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is well known to have a satisfying umami flavor — also known as the fifth...

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How To Take Turkey Tail Mushroom For Your Health

Boost Your Body's Natural Defense Against Illness: Learn How to Take Turkey Tail Mushroom Turkey tail, or Trametes versicolor, is one of the most abundant and colorful mushrooms out there. When foraging, it’s one mushroom you can almost always count on finding. Look...

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About Mushroom Revival

We infuse mushroom medicine in everyday products to make sure people are being infused with optimal health, connection, balance, and abundance.

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  • Say hello to the core four! These have been our happy customers favorite blends to keep them energetic, healthy, well rested and have a sharper mind. .
We are SO SO SO close to be releasing some VERY exciting blends very soon! Stay tuned! Stay shroomed!
Tolypocladium Ophioglossoides,
Also called golden thread cordyceps or adder’s tongue. .
This cordyceps actually grows off a Elaphomyces spp. “Deer truffle” or false truffle. A fungus that parasitizes another fungi. These can be found around the northeast in early august. Scroll to the next picture to see it currently fruiting in our grow room!!!! Wahooo!!! Yipee! .
Golden thread is used in Traditional Chinese medicine as a lung and kidney tonic. It increases production of red blood cells, increases sperm production and strengthens qi. Broth has been used for colds, coughs, anemia, and joint pain. Regulates menstruation and is used to treat metrorrhagia, in-between-period bleeding, as well as abnormal or excessive bleeding associated with perimenopause or fibroids. .
Ophioglossoides contains ophiocordin, CO-N, SN-C, and CO-1, and three galactosaminoglycans. Which have estrogenic, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-tumor, and immune-stimulating properties. CO-N for example showed 98.7% inhibition effect on sarcoma 180. .
Read more in the Fungal Pharmacy by @robertrogers8476 ! Buy his book, it’s amazing!
We made it! Phew! 
Let’s celebrate with medicinal mushrooms! .
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We have planted over 500 trees in the last week because of your support buying our mushroom medicine! Every product we sell we plant a tree around the world. Making you and the world around you a better place. We want to plant one million trees! .
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