August 06, 2019
Alex Dorr and Madz Niemackl with guest Art Goodtimes

Art, and Culture of the Mushroom World with Art Goodtimes  –  Episode 15 – Mushroom Revival Podcast
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A podcast devoted to the wild and wacky world of Mushrooms!
Episode FIFTEEN is a special interview with Art Goodtimes. This is a great episode if you want to learn more about the Telluride Mushroom Festival, Mushroom Poetry, Myco-Linguistics, Mushroom Art and Culture, etc.

Art Goodtimes is an American poet, farmer and politician in Colorado. This artist, author, poet-performer, bioregionalist paleohippie, Green county commissioner, husband, father, fungiphile, and basket weaver is hooked on heirloom spuds and southwest wind. He is the creator of Talking Gourds, a traveling tribal poetry feast, and runs the Telluride Mushroom Festival as Master of Ceremonies and poet laureate  of the Telluride Mushroom Festival.
Mushroom Revival is an Organic medicinal mushroom company based in South Deerfield Massachusetts. We help people gain more energy, a better nights sleep, a clearer mind and a bullet proof immune system. We plant one tree for every product we sell, revitalizing health inside and out with organic medicinal mushrooms. We are the biggest producer of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms in the western world and the only certified organic producer in this half of the globe.
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