Try a Cordyceps militaris Recipe to Support Energy, Stamina and Lung Health

Here at Mushroom Revival, we grow Cordyceps in house, using only the potent fruiting bodies in our products! Read on to learn a bit of the history of Cordyceps and for a traditional duck and Cordyceps militaris recipe. Duck not your thing? Keep reading for a couple modern (and vegetarian) Cordyceps recipes!

Cordyceps in China

In China, Cordyceps sinensis has been known as a national medicinal treasure for over a thousand years. It has traditionally been used sacredly to increase energy and vitality, as well as to invigorate the lungs and kidneys. The kidneys are traditionally thought of as the “root of life” in Chinese culture and is central to Chinese ideations of good health and bodily function. 

Folklore suggests that Cordyceps sinensis was found by herdsman who noticed increased vitality in their yaks after eating this mysterious mushroom growing on the body of dead caterpillars. Chinese tribesmen and monks noticed improved stamina and less respiratory illnesses after consuming Cordyceps. At some point, lore suggests, the emperor’s physicians prescribed him this mushroom during an illness, and from then on, only the emperor was able to benefit from its medicine, prohibiting others from using it. 

One ancient Cordyceps recipe is made with duck. The recipe suggests stuffing the belly of a duck with about eight and a half grams of caterpillar wrapped Cordyceps sinensis, and then boiling it over a low fire. It was recommended to eat the duck over a span of 8-10 days for those suffering from cancer or fatigue. Here is a traditional Chinese duck and Cordyceps militaris recipe.

Cordyceps Duck

12 grams Cordyceps

1 duck

1 tsp of white wine

2 Tbsp scallions

1 quart chicken stock

1 Tbsp ginger

After soaking the Cordyceps in lukewarm water, stuff the duck and boil thoroughly. Then place in a new pot with wine, scallions, stock and ginger. Steam for about three hours with a sealed top.

Modern Cordyceps militaris Recipes and Cultivation

Cordyceps militaris is now cultivated on grain-based substrates improving affordability and quality control. Cordyceps militaris and sinensis are clinically used interchangeably, with scientific studies showing identical chemical profiles. With research showing both militaris and sinensis supporting athletic performance, this magical mushroom is a top choice in recipes for energy and stamina.

Cordyceps militaris Recipe: Cordy-Ashwagandha Energy Bites

3 servings powdered Cordyceps extract

1 cup of pitted dates soaked in hot water for 10 minutes and drained well

1 Tbsp beet root powder

¼ cup old-fashioned oats

1 Tbsp Ashwagandha powder

¼ cup orange juice

1 cup almonds

Zest of 1 orange

Pinch of sea salt

Optional: coconut or toasted coconut flakes to roll bite into

  1. Chop almonds in a food processor and transfer to a medium bowl.
  2. Pulse soaked dates in food processor a few times, then add remaining ingredients. Process until large clumps form. 
  3. Scoop the mixture into the almond bowl and combine.
  4. On parchment paper, roll mixture into roughly 16 bites or balls, depending on size preference. 
  5. Option to roll bites over coconut flakes. 
  6. Store in refrigerator.

Bring these bites as a snack on a long hike for energy support, or fuel your body while training for a marathon!

Check out our dried Cordyceps militaris, made 100% from organic fruiting bodies, grown with love right here in the USA!

Cordyceps militaris Recipe: Cordyceps-Coconut Water Sports Drink 

12 ounces coconut water

1 tsp powdered Cordyceps extract

Pinch of sea salt or 1 serving of electrolyte drops

¼ cup fresh orange juice

1 Tbsp lime juice

Blend ingredients together and then transfer to a bottle for a delicious and energizing blend. Support and replenish the body after tough workouts with this Cordyceps militaris recipe!

Check out some of our Cordyceps tincture or dried Cordyceps (perfect for these recipes). We also use our Cordyceps in many of our blends including our Mush 10 tincture and Powder.

Read more of our blog posts on Cordyceps like  Cordyceps Supplement – A Vegan Option for Energy or Give the Gift of Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Benefits! Let us know if you try out a Cordyceps militaris recipe – comment below to let us know how it turned out! Mush love everyone!


Cooking with Healing Mushrooms by Stephanie Romine

Medicinal Mushrooms by Halpern & Miller

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