Join us in visualizing the biomechanics and physiological effects of mushrooms in the body with our knowledgable guest, Dr. Anna Sitkoff. We cover the unique chemical profiles of fungi, optimal extraction methods, administration, philosophies and more. Following along may require some preliminary understanding of functional mushrooms. For beginner learning, check out episodes #4, #6 and #11.

Dr. Anna Sitkoff is a Naturopathic Doctor, avid researcher, botanical medicine enthusiast, and exceptionally curious applied mycologist. During her studies at Bastyr University she did laboratory research on the rosy polypore mushroom, exploring the anti-cancer and immune-modulating properties of different extraction methods. For the last six years she has taught medicinal mushroom classes in the Pacific Northwest geared towards the identification and utilization of local mushrooms as medicine. A lifelong student of medicine and the human body, her greatest interest is how mushrooms and their constituents interact with human physiology. Her blog is a platform for public education about her findings in the literature that empowers readers to make their own mushroom medicine. She will be working as a primary care physician in Port Townsend, Washington beginning in October 2020, and is currently a scientific advisor for North American Mushroom Extracts (NAMMEX).




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